DS-03 Laser Sensor WIFI/ARTNET


DS-03 Laser Sensor WIFI/ARTNET

The DS-03 is a LIDAR-type laser distance sensor that allows the measured distance to be converted wirelessly via Ethernet converting it to the Art-Net protocol and wired in ON/OFF mode via an internal relay.
The measurement takes place within a preset “window” of the measured space, meaning that the sensor measures the distance from point A to point B and converts this value to the channel level in the Art-Net protocol. Outside this range, the sensor does not generate an output signal. Together with its narrow detection angle of only 2 degrees, these are its key features that set it apart from other similar solutions.
The sensor can be powered by a voltage in the 7.5-24V range.
The DS-03 is compatible with other devices in the MODUS Art Control System series, enabling the creation of control systems for most interactive projects, light control, AV, game triggering, etc.
The device features reverse polarity protection of the supply voltage and ESD.

Basic parameters of the device:

- Range: from 2 cm. to 4m.
- Resolution: 1 cm.
- Number of measurements: 10/sec.
- Angle of measurement: 2 st.
- WiFi: 2.4 GHz
- Power supply: 12-24V DC, 500mA

Modus product main photo
Kod produktu: MOD2103