About us

Modus Company

The beginnings of our activity date back to 1980, when we started producing simple controllers and effects with running light for the needs of the entertainment industry. Then it was the turn of lighting effects and more complicated, modular light controllers for mounting on the wall and in 19 ”Rack stands. For many years Modus was a distributor and designer of lighting effects and AV installations for clubs and advertising.

Based on our many years of experience and completed projects, Modus has developed programs and devices that can be used independently as well as for the implementation of comprehensive, easily configurable, modern audio systems – video – light – laser. Interaction, multimedia, effect lighting, lasers, 3D projections, special effects are the requirements of today’s modern forms of advertising, presentation, transmission of stimuli and content.

We are convinced that our solutions will find a place in a demanding and rapidly changing market, ensuring easy and simple integration of all lighting, acoustic and interactive effects into one system, regardless of its scale and

President of the Board
Włodzimierz Duval