What we do?


What we do?

The MODUS brand includes devices that are very helpful for creating interactive installations, e.g. in museums, amusement parks or exhibitions. The permanent offer includes controllers and sensors compatible with Artnet, sACN and UDP protocols. These include sets of relays, analog signal converters, audio players, laser sensors with a very narrow operating angle and devices tailored to a specific project with individual functions, special dimensions, supported protocols, etc.

We have many dedicated projects in our portfolio, just to mention:

  • the Trasa Podziemna Museum in Rzeszów, where we have provided crank position converters that converted its position into the UDP protocol and controlled the animation on the screen;
  • the Rabkoland Amusement Park, where we have developed special laser sensors with a sensitivity angle of 2 degrees, a range of up to 4 m and a selectable operating window;
  • a light exhibition, where we have developed multi-turn RGB DMX encoders instead of potentiometers, as the previously installed RGB controllers fell apart after a few days and a huge number of visitors;
  • in one of the museums, there were no cables for controlling up to 60 bulbs in the chandeliers, and that’s how our LED Bulb, controlled wirelessly via sACN or Artnet, was created;
  • for currently very popular light parks we have prepared video projection systems and lasers with housings resistant to external conditions with a cooling and ventilation system.

We have also created several complete interactive attractions, like”Talking Mirror”, “Smile”, “Color to Music”, a “Photo-Play” game that turns arranged elements into a film.

Please visit www.modus.pl, where we keep you informed about our solutions.

For any further information do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help with both small and difficult projects in the entire scope of integration of audio, video, lighting, laser and special effects systems as well as the production of dedicated control systems.