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MODUS MAX-08 is an advanced multimedia module that enables both standalone and network-synchronized operation of exhibits, animatronics, lighting, audio systems controlled via ArtNet protocol or playing a show from an SD card.

The module can be powered by 12-24V DC from a dedicated power supply.

MAX-08 is widely used as a standalone show controller, emergency message player, Artnet recorder, Artnet-DMX512 converter, etc.

A large number of functions, the possibility of using hardware triggers, triggering over LAN, programming the way of reaction, show playback parameters including audio, built-in stereo power amplifier allows the device to be used in many unusual implementations.

Each of the 8 outputs can be treated as OC or PWM and is assigned to selected DMX/Artnet channels providing configuration flexibility.

Configuration of the device is done using the DevManager software. A very functional solution if you need to configure a device mounted in a hard-to-reach location.

MAX-08 is compatible with other MODUS Art Control System series devices enabling the creation of control systems for most interactive projects, light control, AV and game triggering.