Eco Manager MODUS is a system for interactive air quality imaging using light, images and special effects. The software downloads data from the selected monitoring station and converts it into an Art-Net digital control signal. Using the Art-Net protocol, the software communicates directly with executive devices that support the Art-Net protocol, e.g. effect lighting, media servers, special effects, LED screens.

Eco Manager Modus allows you to create complete interactive systems that
depending on the level of air pollution, they will change the colors of the LED lighting on the building’s facade, change the video images on the monitor or large screen, play the sound or perform any special action.

Main features of the system:
• spontaneous, automatic operation
• generation of Art-net protocol channel levels depending on air pollution
• direct control of devices that support the Art.-net protocol, effect lighting, media servers, special effects
• parameter configuration and Art-net protocol address
• securing the program with a password against unauthorized access.
• possibility of selecting pollution measurement points
• the software is designed for Windows

Eco Manager is compatible with all devices and control protocol of the Art Control System Modus. The set includes software and signal converters Art.-net to RS232, Art.-net to 0-10V, drivers for relays.

A stable connection to the Internet is necessary for the correct operation of the program.

Application examples:
– large-format air quality presentations on all buildings
– selection and playback of images related to the air quality level
– triggering sound and / or special effects depending on air quality

The Eco Manager Modus system was used for the first time at the Krakow Observation Balloon. Depending on the air quality, the color of the clouds arranged on the balloon’s canopy changes.


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