DC 1024

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DC 1024

DC 1024 DIN – is a universal DMX controller supporting 2 x 512 DMX channels.


The controller is housed in a DIN housing for easy installation in electrical boxes.


Programming of the controller is done by connecting the controller via USB to a computer and the easy to use ART DMX Player software.

ART DMX Player has an extensive library of DMX smart devices and built-in macro functions for easy programming of RGB LED lighting effects.

The controller has a built-in memory for storing programs and scenes.


Triggering programs can be done in three ways:


Using the built-in calendar, you can program the exact time of activation of individual scenes and programs.

With a dedicated infrared remote control

Via external buttons.

Compact dimensions, easy operation, built-in calendar and scene triggering options make the DC 1024 ideal for all fixed DMX installations, intelligent club lighting and architectural LED lighting.