The MODUS DMX Audio Player plays back music tracks, voice announcements, sound effects, etc. in MP3 and WAV formats. You can play 255 files stored in 99 directories.

The device is equipped with a class-D stereo amplifier with 2x15W power, capable of driving low-ohm speakers or sets with a resultant resistance of at least 4ohm.

Trigger connector allows you to connect an external trigger device such as a button, motion detector, reed switch, etc., and using it to activate the device’s functions

Built-in relay extends the capabilities of the controller allowing to switch on and off the external devices

The built-in relay extends the capabilities of the controller enabling switching on and off external devices with maximum load of 5A and voltage of 24V, synchronously with the played audio file or independently using the DMX signal.

The device has three modes of operation:

  • DMX mode in which the DMX signal can be used to select a directory, track, adjust volume, start and stop playback, control a galvanically separated relay, and trigger an additional output (EXT. OUT).
  • STANDALONE mode in which audio files are automatically played when power is applied. You can program the required volume and relay status.
  • MANUAL mode where audio files are played when the TRIGGER input is activated/closed e.g. by an external button or a motion detector. You can program the required volume, the state of the relay and the way of playback.

The device is supplied in three housing versions.

In a low-profile housing for mounting on a 35mm DIN rail, in a hermetic housing for outdoor use and as an independent board for mounting on a DIN rail.

in outdoor conditions and as an independent PCB board for standalone installation (e.g. in an interactive stage, information kiosk, etc.). The device is protected against reverse polarity of the supply voltage and overload.

The device is ideal for use as an interactive guide through the exhibition, communicator, audio player in interactive scenery, an element of Digital Signage system, the player of audio effects in the Escape Room, theme parks, element of exhibits, information kiosks, etc. Wherever small size, reliability and fast triggering of sounds by external signals or a button are required.

The device can also be used as:

– time switch triggered by a button or DMX512 signal

– relay output controlled by DMX512 signal

– a player of signals of a specified frequency recorded from the generator to audio files.