ADC-08 – Converter 0-10V to Artnet, UDP, Modus, Modbus


ADC-08 – Converter 0-10V to Artnet, UDP, Modus, Modbus

MODUS ADC-08 is an 8-channel 0-10V analogue signal converter for standard ArtNET signal, MODUS, Modbus protocol or UDP com-mands (optional)

It is powered with safe voltage from 12 to 24 VDC. It has an external power input, or it can be supplied with Passive PoE.

ADC-08 is widely used as an analog input module in automation sys-tems using the ArtNet, MODUS, Modbus or optional UDP com-mands.
Each of the 8 inputs can be assigned to any channel within one uni-verse and subuniverse, which offers great possibilities for configu-ration and adjusting the module to the installation.

The configuration of the device is done remotely via Ethernet using the MODUS DevManager software. A very functional solution when it is necessary to configure a device installed in a hard-to-reach place.

ADC-08 is compatible with other devices of the Art Control System MODUS series, enabling the creation of control systems for most interactive projects, light control, AV and game triggering.

Low-profile, flat housing in DIN 35mm standard allows the device to be mounted in a standard control cabinets. Optionally, the device can be delivered in a housing designed for operation in difficult ex-ternal conditions.

The device features reverse polarity protection in input voltage, as well as surge protector. 0-10V signal inputs are also protected against reverse polarity, as well as against signals of too high value.

The device also has ESD protection. A number of protections protect not only the converter, but also the controlled device against damage.

The converter has 10V power output (max. 200mA) and 5V (max. 200mA) allowing convenient connection of potentiometers or ex-ternal sensors – without the need to use an external power supply.

Configurable features:
– assignment of each 0-10V input to any channel within one NET and UNIVERSE for the ArtNet protocol
– possibility to define device number and sensor number for MODUS protocol.
– the possibility of defining the sensor as analog or digital with the possibility of determining the active state of the input (MODUS protocol)
– Modbus protocol
– own description of each output
– remote preview of the signal at the inputs (the possibility of previewing the signal at the configuration stage)
– IP address to which the ArtNet or MODUS signal will be sent.
– port to which the MODUS protocol will be sent (default: 6969)
– possibility to set the hysteresis of activation of the input defined as digital (MODUS protocol)

Basic parameters of the device:

Technical parameters
- 8x 0-10V analogue input, Input resistance: 50kΩ
- RJ45 (Ethernet, ArtNet)
- Power input
Power supply:
- 12-24V DC, 200mA
- Passive PoE or power connector

Mounting:DIN/TH/TS 35 rail

Dimensions: 90/31/104 mm

Configuration by Ethernet network with the use of DevManager firmware.

The manufacturer reserves the right to introduce modifica-tions to the functioning and using of the device for the pur-pose of improving the product.

Modus product main photo
Kod produktu: MOD01333
Konwerter ADC-08 Modus
Konwerter ADC-08 Modus płytka PCB
Konwerter ADC-08 Modus
Konwerter ADC-08 Modus płytka pcb
Konwerter ADC-08 Modus