ActionFX is advanced software that enables programming and playback of 3D or VR (virtual reality) multimedia files synchronously with the Art-net digital control signal using touch panels. Action FX is very good for controlling effect platforms and effects in 7D cinemas.

The ART-NET transmission protocol was used to control multimedia, light and effects

Thanks to the unlimited number of time paths and the drag and drop method programming is very easy
and intuitive to use.

The software allows any programming of an unlimited number of effects and scenarios.

The program supports up to three video outputs – left channel, right channel and preview.

Main program options:
– control of audio-video-light-effect systems
– control of effect platforms
– running special effects
– VR content playback
– 3D content playback

Application examples:
– interactive exhibitions
– theme parks
– education
– 7D cinemas
– 3D cinemas
– planetariums
– 360 cinemas
– interactive presentations

Our offer includes 3 versions of the Action FX system:

-ActionFX Intro- 2 video outputs, Windows, Artnet, 4U rack enclosure – playback only, 5 effects,

-ActionFX Basic- 2 video outputs, Windows, Artnet, 4U rack enclosure- only playback, unlimited effects,

-ActionFX Pro- 4 video outputs, Windows, Artnet, 4U Rack enclosure – only playback, no effects limit,

We also have an ActionFX Admin programming module.

If you have problems playing .mp4 files, install the codec:

and possibly the ffdshow codec:

System details are included in the description and the user manual.

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