AADC-01 ARTNET 0-10V ANALOGUE is an 8 channel converter of 0-10V analog signals to standard ArtNET signal. It is powered by safe voltage from 12-24VDC range. It has external power input or can be powered by Passive POE.

Ideally suited for converting 0-10V standard to ArtNET, it can also be successfully used as an analog input module in automation systems with ArtNET protocol.

Each of the 8 inputs can be assigned to any channel within one universe and subuniverse, which gives great possibilities of configuration and adjusting the module to the installation.

Thanks to the flat housing on DIN 35mm rail, we can mount the converter in a standard switching cabinet, which ensures convenient installation and easy maintenance of your installation.

A system of standard RJ45 connectors for Ethernet and detachable screw connectors for power input and 0-10V signals inputs makes the installation and later operation easier.

The device is protected against reverse polarity of the power supply and overload. The 0-10V inputs are also protected against reverse polarity of the signal as well as against signals of too high a value. A number of protections protect not only the converter but also the controlled device from damage.

The converter operates in LAN and is compatible with the popular ArtNet protocol. It works with a dedicated MODUS DevManager software, so that the entire configuration is done remotely over Ethernet network. This is ideal solution in case of mounting the device in hard to reach places.

The converter has a 10V power supply output (max. 300mA), which allows convenient connection of potentiometers or external sensors – without using an external power supply.



Technical parameters

– Inputs: 8x analogue input 0-10V

Input resistance: 50kΩ

RJ45 (Ethernet, ArtNet)

Power input

– Power supply: 12-24V DC, 200mA

Passive PoE or power connector

– Mounting:DIN/TH/TS 35 rail

– Dimensions:90/31/104 mm

– Configuration using DevManager software.


The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in the functioning and operation of the device in order to improve the product

Modus product main photo
Kod produktu: MOD01331