MAX-08 – Multifunctional controller for AUDIO, DMX, PWM, ARTNET and TRIGGER.


MAX-08 – Multifunctional controller for AUDIO, DMX, PWM, ARTNET and TRIGGER.

The value of a lighting system, but also of a mechanical system, mainly in the context of various types of installations, largely depends on the ability to control it. After all, only the appropriate use and operation of the functions offered by modern lighting or scenographic devices present on the market allows you to use their full potential. Various control programs, as well as dedicated controllers – or controllers – of hardware, such as those from Modus, a brand owned by Mediam, are applicable here. We met its representatives in Warsaw, where they presented their offer as part of the “Stage of Tomorrow” event.


Włodzimierz Duval of Mediam showed a new product developed over the past year, the MAX-08 controller, the first version of which was designed to work with animatronics – as an example, a control system for a dinosaur figure that can move its limbs, eyes, tail and even make sounds was given.


Despite its small size, the MAX-08 is characterized by versatility of use and very high functionality, thanks to the number of communication channels – eight PWM channels, as many triggers, plus the ability to control via DMX, ArtNet sACN and OSC. On top of that, there are two channels of 50 W audio output. In many cases, therefore, it is able to replace complex configurations with media servers. However, since it is still new to the market, its response remains to be seen, although there have been initial, very clear signs of interest.



Włodzimierz also mentioned a product that came to Mediam/Modus a year ago, namely individual led lights that can be individually controlled via a wireless network.



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